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Honorable Mention

A huge thanks to Bobby Jensen highlighting our role in supplying the Twin Cities its most treasured holiday decorating green – spruce tops! During a December 2018 Grow with KARE episode aired on NBC’s KARE 11, Bobby (like Bobby on Facebook) along with Belinda Jensen discuss this uniquely Minnesota product.

Decorating with spruce tops is tradition for Minnesotans and more recently for green thumbs in surrounding states. Bobby stressed the product’s renewability, which allows spruce tops to be enjoyed as a holiday/winter landscaping staple season-after-season. We were super excited our drone footage was showcased to give viewers a peek into where the tops are harvested.

We would love Bobby to join our crew for a day this season to experience hands on what it takes to get the tops from bog to doorstep. That’s an invitation Bobby!

Thanks again!

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