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A Pharmacist, an Investment Analyst and a Forester

The Investment Analyst

Almost sounds like the beginnings of a bad joke. It’s actually our story. How did two brothers, one a Pharmacist (David) and the other an Investment Analyst (Sean - me), become recognized leaders in the harvesting and distribution of Minnesota grown specialty forest products? Wayne Timonen – their father who spent his career as a forester employed by Potlatch Corp in the Cloquet, Minnesota set things in motion. Dad instilled the value of hard work and very much led by example. Growing up in northern Minnesota we were keenly aware of all the benefits the outdoors provided from recreational activities to sources of supplemental income. In the fall, the family cut balsam boughs and made wreaths to bolster the Christmas budget. It was a wonderful activity to be exposed to given the strong correlation between effort and results it illustrated. The lesson served us well in school, athletics and eventually our professional careers.

Back to spruce bogs. After graduating college, David and I were looking to fast track our nest eggs. Yes, Dad preached the virtues of saving and investing for our futures – forever grateful for that lesson as well. Dad suggested we try harvesting spruce tops as he knew a couple ripe sites from his forestry days. So we did. We were hooked. The rest is history. It has been a fun journey to share with David and Dad along with our respective crews of great individuals. We have been successful given our ability to work as a team and a healthy dose of competition between the three of us. In addition, the opportunities over the years to collaborate with two of the best minds in the business has been an immense competitive advantage!

David and I were taught well – thanks Dad.

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